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New Quantis branch in the Balkans


In order to serve its international customers, Quantis has opened a branch in Sofia (Bulgaria).

New Quantis branch in the Balkans

Indeed, in response to the important and booming market demand in the area of the Balkans, Quantis has opened a permanent office in Sofia, capital of the Republic of Bulgaria, a country of particular interest because of its recent accession to the European Union and its imminent entry into the Euro. "The Bulgarian market as well as Romanian and Croatian neighbors, with a total market of more than 20 million users, are regions of the new Europe, with significant recent investment activity and business, with a strong deficit in broadband infrastructure . Our commitment to internationalization is the realization of our entrepreneurial profile" said Aquilino Antuña, CEO of Quantis. During the first months in Bulgaria, Quantis has already established partnerships with major players in the Bulgarian market, launching the first commercial services. Also Quantis has already launched its website in Bulgarian: www.quantis.bg

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